Agile Transformation

Agile development framework, popular development approach in today’s technology implementations across many organizations which are focused on shippable working software delivery, help build efficiencies in their processes and utilization of resources, it has transformational effect on enterprises.

Agile software development methodology is centered around the idea of iterative development where business requirements and solutions evolve through collaborative approach, co-located, self-organizing, cross-functional teams.

Agile practices – scrum and Kanban promote adaptive planning, encourage changes in requirement, Continuous improvement and continuous deployment (CI/CD – build, test and deploy) pipeline of building software cadence that transforms unpredictable events into predictable events and adding business value.

Organizations adopt agile development to speed up their product go to market time, cut delivery times, develop better software, faster and scale economically, meet customer demand and increase team productivity.

Agile implementation helps organizations build right products with immediate feedback loops from customers, reduces risk, improves products with built in quality, maximizing the return on investments.

At AMAN IT Consulting, we are proud to share our 20+ years combined experience in agile software development project implementation expertise to help you deliver on your business commitment.

We are all SAFe (Scaled Agile Framework) certified Practitioners, experienced practitioners with multiple years onsite client environments, used tools like Jira, Version One for documenting user stories, capturing workflows, Product Backlog, team boards for requirements communication.

Agile Development individual role contributor’s Product Owner, Scrum Master, Tech Lead, member.

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