Web Application Development

Web application development is the process of using client-side & server-side programming to develop an application accessible over a web browser. Developers begin with ideating a web application, analyzing steps to propose a solution to a specific problem, design solution, choose the right framework to develop the web application, test it and finally deploy it.

AMAN IT Consulting web application development includes a simple content management system enabled the website to the most complex web-based internet applications, e-commerce portals.

Listed below are types of web applications services we offer based on what they do, Look and feel:

  1. Static Web Applications
  2. Dynamic web applications
  3. E-commerce apps
  4. Portal Web Apps
  5. Content Management System or CMS Web App
  6. Progressive Web Apps

Our Services offering below:

UI UX Design and Development Services

Great UX starts with the client’s requirements and their audience. Our research-based design approach ensures the success of the client’s needs.

Front end Development Services

Build modern single-page web applications using the reusable, dynamic, component-driven architecture of React.js, Angular.js, Vue.js. We offer a wide range of web application frameworks support as per the business requirement.

Backend & Node.js Development Services

Our software architects design solid backend to accommodate scale, flexibility to integrate, advanced data structures, and cutting-edge security by using a wide range of technologies stack such as JAVA, ASP.NET, Python, Node.js &, etc. Build an API first business by building APIs as a Service (PaaS) targeting common web protocols including HTTP/HTTPS, XML, JSON, REST, SOAP.

Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) Development Services

Bring features and performance we expect from native apps to any browser and across platforms without any interruption or loss of speed. A PWA takes advantage of the latest and best web application development frameworks and technologies to give you a product that combines the very best of web apps and native mobile apps.

Mobile Apps Development Services

Building the future requires the agility of action and attitude. Our extended teams provide scale, experience, acceleration, and a whole lot of talent - to help you rapidly create modern apps that engage users. Engineer mobile apps that provide unforgettable digital experiences for your target audience across all platforms.

Cross-Platform (Hybrid) Desktop and Mobile Apps

Our cross-platform and hybrid app development offering helps businesses' target multiple platforms with the same code base and save costs.

E-commerce Web Apps Development Services

Using Shopify, Magento, and custom frameworks, we help you build e-shops and B2B eCommerce portals that boost your growth.

Cloud Application Development Services

Harness cloud infrastructures like AWS, Azure, Google, Docker to build custom applications and migrate legacy architectures.

Our expertise lies in designing and developing web applications according to customer requirements. Our rich industry knowledge allows us to deliver solutions that solve business challenges in healthcare, manufacturing, retail, consumer product group and other industry domains.

We merge the best of programming languages like Java, PHP, Python, Angular and legacy programming languages to deliver custom websites, web applications.

With our agile web application development, we suggest solutions that:

  • Accelerate your business workflows,
  • Achieve greater business visibility,
  • Customer engagement
  • Higher return on investments.

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